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It only makes sense—muscle tone is muscle tone, no matter what muscle in your body you target. Beauty creams and lotions can take care of wrinkles, but only exercise or drastic plastic surgery can tone and tighten sagging, aging skin. My FaceMaster® Toning System wakes up your face!
- Suzanne Somers

Let your FaceMaster® Toning System work all night for you! Formulated for all skin types, this powerful peptide serum offers remarkable,
scientifically proven, skin renewing capabilities. Helps improve skin firmness and texture, as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines. Enriched with sea algae extracts, antioxidants and unique anti-aging ingredients to help stimulate collagen and elastin production, your skin is left even-toned, moisturized and beautifully radiant. - Suzanne Somers


Suzanne Somers
#1 Beauty Secret for a more youthful,
ageless look!

The FaceMaster®
Facial Toning System

only 18 minutes per day

You will love the way you look!

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FaceMaster® Facial Toning System Instructions - PDF Download


FaceMaster® Facial Toning System

FaceMaster® Facial Toning System Primary Kit Includes:

  • FaceMaster® Toning System - battery included
  • Electroyte Conductive Solution
  • 100 Foam Caps (booties)
  • Step by Step Instructional DVD
  • User Manual and general information Brochure
  • Manufacture's 1-year limited warranty

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The FaceMaster® Toning System Primary Kit, is a revolutionary and exciting product using micro-currents of electrical energy to stimulate and tone underlying facial muscles to temporarily reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Its like taking your face to the gym!

Gives the appearance of a facelift
without surgery!


FaceMaster® Toning System Features

  • It only makes sense that you need to tone your facial muscles like you tone the rest of your muscles.
  • To be used at home, for the purpose of stimulating facial muscles
  • This is so easy to use. Computerized graphics will indicate each area that needs toning and time needed for each segment.
  • You’ll see visible improvement in overall skin tone and elasticity with recommended use.
  • Kit comes with conductive solution, foam tips for the ends of the FaceMaster® Toning System probes, and an easy-to-follow DVD and instructional manual
Collagen Enhancing Serum with Peptides Features
  • Marine-based ingredients like kelp and seaweed oil help stimulate your skin’s natural collagen.
  • Let your FaceMaster® Toning System session work all night for you—keep the benefits going by using this gel.
  • Contains natural exfoliants such as apple juice and moisturizers including aloe vera, safflower oil and honey.
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial extracts from herbs such as thyme, gotu kola and horsetail help to soothe your skin while you sleep.
  • Contains a proprietary blend of natural peptides to:
  • Reduce surface area of deep wrinkles by an average of 68% and moderate wrinkles by an average of 51%.
  • Skin roughness reduced by an average of 16%.
For a weekly treat for your face, try my anti-aging protection select from the collection of Anti-Aging Therapy products - a favorite is the Night Repair Cream. After your FaceMaster® Toning System routine, go the extra mile and show off the new you with my Spray-On Makeup Professional Foundation.
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FaceMaster® Toning SystemAccessories 60 Day Continuity Program
Collagen Enhancing Serum with Peptides
FaceMaster® Toning System Electrolyte Conductive Solution
FaceMaster® Toning System Foam Caps

This program includes 1 package of Foam Caps, 1 bottle of Conductive Solution and 1 bottle of Collagen Enhancing Serum.

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This powerful peptide serum offers remarkable, scientifically proven skin-renewing capabilities. Sea algae extracts, antioxidants and unique anti-aging ingredients help stimulate collagen and elastin production. Improves firmness and fine lines, while leaving your skin even-toned, moisturized and radiant.(1.2 fl.oz.)

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You hydrate your body when you exercise, so hydrate your skin when you use your FaceMaster®. This gel will aid in hydration. 2 oz. plastic bottle (2 fl. oz.)


Make sure you always have a fresh supply of foam caps on hand. They’re soft, comfortable and specially designed for the FaceMaster® probes. Pack of 100.  



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